Male Student Achievement Program (MSAP)

Providing transformative leadership and peer support for Central Texas male high school students.

The Male Student Achievement Program at Communities In Schools of Central Texas encourages male students to create a positive brotherhood to empower them to support and build skills that they need to author their own paths of success. Empowered MSAP participants make positive and informed choices about their relationships, their health, and their future.

Program Pillars




Social Emotional



The MSAP approaches young male diversion in two phases:

Phase One

Students receive a Male Leadership Coach, who is highly trained in Social Emotional Learning and Leadership Development. In this phase students commit to the program’s core values, allowing them to examine both individual interpersonal identity development. Students are immersed in an in-depth exploration of their own identity and strengths, along with true leadership means. They learn and practice leadership skills throughout the year, culminating in a service project they have organized. Also, students take a deeper look at the principles of leadership and identify the relevance in their lives as the men they strive to become.

Phase Two

Includes intensive post-secondary and career support through career exploration activities, college visits, application preparation, and developing a post-graduation plan. This phase is grounded in surrounding young males with positive role-models who share their identity and lived-experience; helping them develop confidence in their own abilities and future potential.

Program Outcomes

of MSAP participants will complete the school year enrolled in school.

of MSAP participants will demonstrate improvement in student behavioral health and wellness.

of MSAP participants will improve or maintain in academics, attendance and / or behavior.

Significantly raise the rate of young men of color who enroll in and complete a degree or certificate in a post-secondary institution after high school graduation.

of MSAP participants will graduate or will be promoted to the next grade.

Create or improve upon campus and district-level systems and support a culture that fosters continuous improvement of post-secondary outcomes, especially for students of color who are low-income.

CISCT was founded on the understanding that a high school diploma is an essential asset for success in life. CISCT has been a key partner in helping improve graduation rates in our region for more than 35 years. The organization has strong ties to the local community, with deep and lasting relationships with school districts and local nonprofits. As a result, CISCT has grown by more than 50% over the past five years.

Male Student Success Coalition (MSSC)

Championing community involvement in our Black and Brown boys’ academic and professional achievements.

The Male Student Success Coalition is a group of change agents coming from community organizations, leaders in city and county government, school districts, and public health committed to driving transformational change and improving academic outcomes for all students— including young men of color.

The coalition will advance race and gender justice by working across issues and communities to tackle existing gaps in education outcomes and post-secondary attainment for Central Texas students.

Launch Phases

Phase One

  • CISCT will provide the foundation support to bring the Coalition together
  • Team-building and identifying common goals; developing group norms and a commitment statement
  • Six (6) sessions with The CaseMade to create a unified framework for communicating about the work, and to learn new ways to persuade in order to grow community support

Phase Two

  • Develop a blueprint to accelerate the academic achievement of male students, including young men of color
  • Advance education equity and allow all students to realize their highest potential; areas of focus will include:
    • High quality mentorship programs
    • Improved school climate and culture
    • Enrichment opportunities
    • College access and readiness
    • Advancing the belief that students, including young men of color, possess the ability to excel in school, careers, and life
    • Through the visibility and positive reputation of the Coalition, providing grassroots and community-based nonprofits with access to new funding opportunities

Phase Three

  • Creating a Central Texas Education Equity Dashboard
  • Maintenance and ongoing evaluation

Coalition Leads

Sharon Vigil

Sharon is a big believer in the strengths of young people. She trusts that communities can provide better solutions to the issues they are faced with when their young people are surrounded by adults who uplift them. Her approach to supporting students is reinforced by a decade spent working for community and youth serving agencies.

Ryan Sutton

Dr. Ryan Sutton is a licensed psychologist and serves as an Associate Dean of Dell Medical School.  He is passionate about creating access, exposure, and opportunities for young people in a way that helps expand and realize their personal narratives and success. His passions are supported through his research, experience working with community programming serving youth and young adults, and his teaching.

Justin Rosas

Justin believes in giving back to his community through mentoring and helping others realize their potential. An attorney at Orrick, Herrington, & Sutcliffe, Justin is also on the Board of Directors of Con Mi Madre, an organization providing educational support to mothers and young daughters. Soon after, he created Con Mi Hermano, to assist young men in those same families facing the same educational hurdles.