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Care Coordination uses the “Wraparound” process to provide home-based intensive services to children and their families. Wraparound is a team-based process that utilizes the strengths of the family to create an individualized plan that helps them meet their needs and reach their desired goals and outcomes.


Care Coordination serves families at Austin elementary and middle schools: Allison, Hart, Harris, Rodriguez, Zavala, Ortega, and Oaks Springs Elementary Schools, and Mendez, Martin, Kealing, Dobie and Webb Middle Schools. 


  • Participation in the schools’ Child Study Teams to receive staff referrals.
  • An interdisciplinary team that is led by the Care Coordinator and the parents “wraps” the family with supports and services.  With the support of the Care Coordinator, parents choose the goals they want to achieve during their participation in the program.
  • Development of a Plan of Care to address needs and strategize desired outcomes, as well as proposed interventions.
  • Delivery of in-home services by: therapists, mentors, tutors, parent coaches, case managers, and other professionals needed to achieve the goals of the family.
  • Availability of flexible funds to meet the needs of the family in times of crisis when the family cannot afford them or access them in the community.  This may include psychological evaluations, assistance with bills, or enrichment activities.


“I have learned that it’s okay to ask for help. I am not alone and the feelings that I have are common. It’s okay to cry, but I just never thought so. I appreciate the staff’s work with my family. The kids and I have been less stressed by having their support.” – Family member

As a family, we have grown to communicate more. We have learned to grow out of unhealthy habits that would hold us back as individuals. Now, we’re further in our lives more than ever, and we’re still growing. I feel that CIS has a tremendous impact on the growing of the families that they help. Without CIS, I wouldn’t have grown as a person and as a human all around. Thanks!” – Mother


Karin Florez, Senior Care Coordination Coordinator
Phone: 512-464-9746