The Pebble Project keeps children ‘Safe, Strong, and Free through school-based workshops. ‘Pebble’ was chosen for this endeavor because each individual’s effort, like a pebble tossed into a stream, sends ripples through the community and into the future.

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  • Interactive classroom workshops using an evidenced-based curriculum
  • Through role-plays, trained facilitators act as students who are targeted in situations of bullying; a stranger’s tricks; and uncomfortable touching
  • Students act in role plays and watch their peers be courageous bystanders
  • Discussions leading students to recognize and describe the impact that each situation has on our actor, encourage empathy
  • Students practice safety skills: stating an assertive “no,” self-defense, and identifying =trusted adults they can reach out and talk to
  • Following the 1 hour workshop, students can volunteer for Review Time where they talk with a trained facilitator to ask questions, practice skills, problem-solve, or report a need for support or intervention

Impact: The Pebble Project prevents child abuse and neglect by empowering children to contribute to their own safety through recognizing abusive or dangerous situations, resisting abuse, and telling a trusted adult if they have been abused. It also increases adult awareness and protection of all children.

Services: For 35 years, the Pebble Project has provided safety education to children and child abuse prevention education to adults. Our trained facilitators use the evidence-based Child Assault Prevention® curriculum at approximately 40 different campuses.  This curriculum is used both nationally and internationally to teach children that they have the right to feel Safe, Strong, and Free.

“Students were very interested, enjoyed participating, and learned useful skill to help themselves and others.”

Allison Elementary 4th Grade Teacher

Contact Jamie Avard-Fernandez
Phone: 512-464-9727


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