CIS Story – Hugo Garcia

Hugo Garcia graduated from Eastside Memorial High School in June 2016. Hugo says he received supports from Communities In Schools for as long as he can remember, starting in elementary school, and that it was only natural that he would continue to seek out supports from CIS in high school.

At Eastside, Hugo joined the XY-Zone, a CIS leadership development and peer support program for male students. In the XY-Zone program, Hugo volunteered to participated in as many service learning projects as were available. He volunteered both at his school and in the community, and he earned a reputation for being reliable and always willing to jump in to help when needed.

Hugo also participated in the Communities In Schools Compass to College program and he credits this support for helping him to develop post-graduation college goals. “Without Communities In Schools, I would not have thought of going to college,” he says.  Hugo will start classes at Austin Community College this fall. He is trying to decide between a career in Social Work and a career in Rehabilitation. His ultimate goal is to choose a path that will allow him to help others.

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