Trauma Training for Educators

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 Click here for the Facilitator’s Discussion Guide & Handouts (WORD)
guide image  Click here for the Facilitator’s Discussion Guide & Handouts (PDF)


This is a free training resource designed to give anyone who works with children important trauma-focused information about how student learning and behavior is impacted by trauma and how educators and support staff can help students develop a greater sense of safety at school and begin to build new emotional regulation skills. Click here to learn more.

Additional Video Resources:

Click here to read a new Research Brief on Addressing Trauma in Schools. It includes:
  • Information on Communities In Schools and Integrated Student Supports
  • An Overview of Childhood Trauma and Toxic Stress Strategies to Address Trauma and Toxic Stress in Classrooms
  • Mitigating the Impact of Trauma in Schools: An Example from Communities In Schools of Central Texas

Kris Downing

Trauma Training for Educators was developed by Kris Downing, LCSW, the Clinical and Professional Development Coordinator for Communities In Schools of Central Texas. Throughout her 25+ year career at CIS, Kris has been dedicated to helping at-risk youth overcome challenges related to abuse, trauma, and mental health needs. Kris has worked as a social worker, advocate, and clinician.


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