Suki_SteinhauserDear Friends,

Children who engage with our programs engage with caring adults. With nearly 200 professional staff and eager AmeriCorps members in our local schools, CIS serves thousands and thousands of youngsters with an array of evidence-based programs.

The many student successes that we measure at Communities In Schools are much more than numbers.  They are the excitement engendered in a child who was scared, at his third new school in just one semester, when he participates in a CIS field trip and makes friends.  They are the peace felt by the introverted girl who comes to the calming CIS office every day for a few moments of quiet because she lives in an apartment with fourteen other people.  They are the smiles of children who are working harder in class because they are being encouraged by their caseworker who genuinely believes in them.  And they are the young people who come to school each day knowing that they have a safe haven at school even if no other place feels safe.

Communities In Schools serves campuses with high concentrations of students living in poverty and assists those students who are struggling the most.  We serve alongside dedicated teachers who work hard to ensure that their students reach ever-rising academic standards – and we endeavor to support them as well as their pupils.

Whether our students are receiving a snack or a pat on the back or intensive counseling, they know that Communities In Schools is there for them. We believe in and support the whole child so each one will believe in himself or herself.

Suki Steinhauser
Chief Executive Officer
Communities In Schools of Central Texas

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